Friday, 14 October 2011

The “very scary” Iranian plot & the "very scary" Maspero violence

It is interesting to see how very similar tactics have been applied this week in both Egypt & the US. The below article by outstanding journalist Glenn Greenwald titled 'The “very scary” Iranian Terror plot' marvels at "why Iran [would] possibly wake up one day and decide that it wanted to engage in a Terrorist attack on U.S. soil when it could much more easily kill Saudi officials elsewhere?" and how "No evidence has been presented of Iran’s involvement. And yet there is no shortage of people — especially in the media — breathlessly talking about all of this as though it’s all clearly true." He concludes that:

"If the Obama administration decided tomorrow that military action against Iran were warranted in response, is there any doubt that large majorities of Americans — and large majorities of Democrats — would support that? As I said when discussing the Awlaki killing, the truly “scary” aspect of all of this is that the U.S. Government need only point and utter the word “Terrorist” and hordes of citizens will rise up and demand not evidence, but blood."

In Egypt, Egyptians have been mesmerized in front of national TV last Sun 9th Oct watching chaos and fire in the heart of Cairo, and listening to hate language, disrupting news then denial of them, in what appears to be nothing other than a new act of the play meant to convince Egyptians that a dictator that keeps them "safe" is the best option out there.

I am not hereby suggesting a conspiracy theory. Or wait a second.. Didn't the (Eg) government accuse "internal and external hidden fingers" of being behind the events? It seems everyone has their opinion about the identity of the "hand", though all agree about the existence of "fingers". And what seems to be the elephant in the room is: What are we going to do about these "fingers"?

It is easy to manipulate people when you scare them. It is easy to get them to accept, nay demand, the continuity of emergency law. It is easy to get them to accept the necessity of going to war wiht a country that does not threaten with their homeland security. If you are thinking Iran, think again. Go back 8 years. Actually go back a few thousand years ago, Egypt again:
"Thus he incited his people to levity, and they obeyed him" Ornaments:54
The Quran about Pharaoh. A very old tactic, indeed.

Leaving you with Greenwald's article:
The “very scary” Iranian Terror plot 

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